Reasons Why Your AC Unit Smells Bad

Is your air conditioner stinking up the house? Learn the cause and get HVAC Maintenance Villa Rica from Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling today!

Have you noticed an unpleasant odor in your home? If this smell gets worse when the air conditioner is running, call for HVAC service in Villa Rica. Not all odors are serious, but some can be health hazards. Read on to learn more about air conditioner odors.


Whenever there is an excessive amount of moisture or humidity in the system, this problem has the potential to cause mold and mildew to leak from the ductwork. You don’t want mold or mildew anywhere in your home, so it’s a good idea to get to the bottom of the problem right away. One sure way to prevent mold is to schedule twice-yearly HVAC maintenance in Villa Rica. During these tune-ups your technician checks for drainage issues, water leaks, and other problems that contribute to humidity and moisture buildup.

If you really want to reduce the chances of moisture causing problems, consider installing a whole-home dehumidifier. These units come as stand-alone, single-room units or can be installed directly on the air conditioning unit. Ask your technician for recommendations based on your situation.


Does the odor coming from your vents smell like dirty socks or stinky feet? If you’ve been searching for missing, dirty socks without any luck, call your HVAC service technician to check out your air conditioner. The problem might be a dirty condenser coil or a clogged condensate pan. When stagnant water collects in air conditioning parts, this is what usually causes a stinky feet or dirty sock odor in your home while the AC is running.


Are you smelling an odor like this but don’t smoke? Did you recently buy a new home and were greeted with this smell the first time you tried to use the air conditioner? It’s very possible that the owners before you smoked in the home. What you’re smelling is cigarette smoke that’s gotten trapped in the filter, the coil, or both. First, try changing the filter. If this doesn’t help, call an HVAC company in Villa Rica for a tune-up and cleaning. Also, if you smoke or vape and smell these odors, keep these activities restricted to outside of the house.


Don’t second guess yourself. If you think something smells like it’s burning, it probably is. The motor could be overheating, a wire could be loose, or there could be another mechanical problem at hand. Don’t wait around to call a professional service when you smell this odor. Figure out what’s going on right away.


Does it smell like something died somewhere in the house? Sadly, it’s not unusual for rodents and other critters to get into your home’s air ducts and end up dying inside the ducts or falling farther into the unit and getting trapped. It doesn’t take long for dead animals to rot and start to stink up your house.

You rely on your HVAC in Villa Rica to work without fail. So, if you smell a bad odor, don’t wait to get repair services. The sooner you figure out what’s going on, the better off you’ll be. Whether you need repair services, maintenance services, or HVAC installation in Villa Rica, contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling for exceptional service and prices.