Cleaning AC Coils: Know The Importance

Maintaining your Air Conditioner is of utmost importance. Cleaning AC Coils is one of the ways you can keep your AC Unit Operating great!

Summertime may be a season of fun, but it’s also a season of dangerously high temperatures, and that means that you have to do all you can to prevent your air conditioner from breaking down when you need it most. An air conditioner is a complex machine, one that depends on a variety of precisely designed parts and exacting functions in order to produce cool, comfortable air.

In order to have working air conditioning in Hiram, you have to have clean and functioning AC coils. The condenser coils are probably the most important parts of the unit. They perform heat transfer, or the core process of removing heat from the outdoor air, transferring this heat to refrigerant fluid, and leaving behind cold air that’s ready to be distributed into your home.


Without well-maintained AC condenser coils, your air conditioner may be up to 35 percent more expensive to run! Why is this the case? Poorly maintained coils are less efficient at producing cool air, which means that when you order your air conditioner to produce an exact cool temperature, communicated through your thermostat, your air conditioner will have to work much harder in order to generate the same results as a healthy machine with good condenser coils.


What does it mean to maintain the AC condenser coils? First and foremost, you have to keep them clean. Dirt, debris, and dander from outdoors enters your AC system all the time. Part of the reason you have to maintain your AC filter is that this keeps pollutants out of the unit where they don’t belong. However, the coils can still attract debris over time. This debris will coat the coils and limit their ability to perform heat transfer functions.

Cleaning the condenser coils involves using a spray or foam to pick up the pollutants, then rinsing them as necessary. An air conditioning service can perform these essential functions for you. The second essential function of protecting your coils is to hire AC technicians regularly. They’ll inspect the coils and clean them when necessary, and can also spot other issues related to the condenser.


In fact, it’s highly recommended that you only trust an air conditioning company to keep your AC condenser coils clean and leave air conditioning repair to educated and trained technicians. Attempting to fool with the coils without proper experience can lead to further coil damage and potential AC breakdown, which can leave you stuck in the summer heat.

What can you do to protect your AC condenser coils? When it comes to air conditioning in Hiram, always hire professional AC technicians at least once a year to maintain the unit. Annual maintenance should always include cleaning the condenser coils.