4 Common Reasons Why Your AC Unit Is Freezing

There are several reasons why your AC unit might freeze up, but most of them have to do with air flow and cleanliness. Because your AC unit deals with condensation to help create a cooler and more comfortable atmosphere, the AC can also become frozen. For better or worse, the most common reason is due to the refrigerant R22, which has different properties at different pressures. When water condenses on the coils like it’s supposed to, if R22 is low, it could cause the condensation to freeze. The ice that forms blocks the air flow and the R22 may evaporate faster. Even if the issue clears up on its own, your AC won’t be pushing cold air anymore.

The AC unit pulls in warm air from your home and converts it to cooler air. The removal of the warm air creates a vacuum, which pulls the cold air form the unit and into the house. The hot air going into the unit also helps prevent the moisture on the coils from freezing. If there isn’t enough hot air coming into the unit, the coils could freeze.

Dirt is a great insulator. That doesn’t mean you want it anywhere near, or inside, your AC unit. When dirt collects on the coils, they cannot absorb the water. The water freezes and creates ice, which impedes the air flow for the AC.

A blower fan keeps the air moving through your unit. When it becomes damaged or broken, it cannot do the job it was designed to do. Condensation builds up on the coil and you get ice.

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