Why Regular AC Maintenance Is Necessary

During the steamy, hot summer months, your trusty air conditioner keeps your home feeling cool, fresh, and comfortable. But, air conditioners are only machines, and just like your car needs oil changes and regular maintenance, your air conditioner requires yearly maintenance, too. Keep reading to learn about AC maintenance in Marietta and keep your air conditioner in tip-top shape and keep you cool when the temperature starts to rise.

Why Do I Need Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Air conditioners are an investment in your comfort, but they can be expensive to purchase and to run. Failing to keep up with regular maintenance can lead to costly repairs down the road. Scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner will keep you cool for years to come while spending the least amount of energy and money. With proper maintenance from an air conditioning company in Marietta, your air conditioner will last for 10 to 15 years.

What Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Involve?

During a maintenance visit, your air conditioner technician will carefully inspect all system components and check for wear and tear on the belts and moving parts. The technician will clean and inspect the condenser coils and calibrate the thermostat. He will also inspect the refrigerant levels, check for leaks, and inspect the blower belt and motor.

What Maintenance Can You Do Yourself?

There are some simple things you can do at home to help maintain your air conditioner. Cleaning the air filters is an important part of air conditioner maintenance. Either wash and dry your reusable air filters or replace disposable air filters with new ones to notice an immediate higher quality of airflow and energy savings. You should also check the air conditioner coils and wipe them down if dusty or dirty. When winter is over, cover your air conditioning unit or store it indoors to protect it from dirt, dust, and debris that could damage your air conditioner.

What Are the Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance?

Your air conditioner gets a lot of wear and tear from daily summer use. Regular AC maintenance provides many benefits. Failing to schedule regular maintenance on your air conditioning unit can lead to increased energy usage and decreased performance. Properly maintaining your air conditioner will lead to energy savings, better air quality inside your home, and a reduced risk of a house fire from a malfunctioning air conditioning unit.

With proper maintenance, you can keep your air conditioning running efficiently all summer long. Contact your air conditioning company in Marietta to schedule your yearly AC maintenance today.