Why Proper Installation Is the Key to Maximize HVAC Efficiency

HVAC Outside

Is purchasing an energy-efficient air conditioner on your list of must-haves in your home? If you’re working towards buying a better system, good for you. These systems not only save you money, but they give you a sense of doing good for the environment. As you get ready to purchase your new HVAC system, keep in mind that quality installation is what ensures efficiency and prevents unexpected HVAC service in Marietta.

Choose the Right Location

When you get ready to replace your HVAC system, remember that the system consists of two parts, an indoor part and an outdoor part. The outdoor part of the system should be installed in a shady location. Direct sunlight makes these units run harder than necessary. During HVAC installation, ask your service technician where the best place is to install the outside unit. If you have no choice but to put it in a sunny location, consider adding landscaping features like bushes or trees to create shade. Make sure that any shrubbery you add doesn’t obstruct the unit and that you always clean any debris off the outside unit.

Make Duct Repairs

Does your home have leaky ductwork? Any cracks or leaks in the ductwork is going to put strain on your new system. Before you have your new HVAC installed, make sure that you have ductwork inspection. Have your installer check to make sure the ducts connect correctly to vents and registers. Also, consider cleaning your duct work once every couple of years. Ask heating and cooling companies that provide HVAC maintenance in Marietta about this service.

Purchase the Right Size HVAC Unit

Yes, there is such a thing as buying too large of a unit. Often, people think bigger is better. If you have a two-story house or a home that’s 3,000 square feet and the afternoon sun enters every room, then you may need an HVAC system that’s bigger. In some cases, you might even need two units, one upstairs and one downstairs.

Smaller homes don’t need large HVAC units, though. This is simply a waste of energy. When you purchase an appropriate-sized HVAC unit, you get consistent heating and cooling without using more energy than necessary.

HVAC Repair

Check the Space

When you install a new heating and cooling unit, you have the opportunity to adjust. In the past, maybe your HVAC unit was tucked away in a tight utility closet that made it hard to access to change the filter or make repairs. Perhaps the unit was outside in a garage and experienced problems during the winter. Proper installation also includes making sure there is enough space for the unit to breathe and be accessed.

Always make sure that you install new HVAC systems correctly to maximize efficiency. Contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling today to learn more about HVAC service in Marietta.