Signs Your Air Conditioner Has A Water Leak

Do you have an air conditioner water leak? Learn the signs of A/C water leaks before calling Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling for HVAC service.

Do you think your air conditioner has a water leak? If you have this problem, you need air-conditioning service in Douglasville right away. Allowing a leak to exist for any length of time can cause your A/C unit to stop working and lead to expensive repairs. Keep reading to learn more about the signs of an A/C water leak.


The only time warm air is welcome from the vents in your house is when it’s winter and you’re using your furnace. During the summer, when you’re using your air-conditioning in Douglasville, any amount of warm air coming from the vents isn’t a good sign. Before you start to panic and assume you have a leak, do yourself a favor and check your HVAC unit’s filter. A dirty filter restricts air flow, making it harder for the cooled air to through the vents.


This is often the first sign that alerts people to a problem. You walk downstairs or open the utility closet and find a stream of water coming from the bottom of the furnace. Often, people are puzzled by this occurrence because they don’t understand what their furnace has to do with their A/C unit. However, the evaporator coil that is part of the air conditioner is located on top of the heating unit. Refrigerant cools down the evaporator coil when warm air flows over it. When you notice a leak coming from the furnace, it’s possible your unit needs more refrigeration. The “leak” you’ve discovered is actually condensation that formed on the coil and leaked onto the floor. Call a service tech to come out and check your refrigeration levels


Most minor leaks are attributed to a dirty air filter or low Freon (refrigerant) levels. Whenever you notice ice buildup on the A/C unit, this is a good indication that one of those two problems areas are causing issues. Don’t mess around with ice on the unit. Once you realize you’re looking at ice buildup, turn off the unit and check the air filter. Replace it if it’s dirty. What if it’s clean? In this case, you want to continue to leave the unit turned off and call for air-conditioning repair in Douglasville. The issue could be Freon levels, but it also could be something more serious. Whatever you do, don’t run your air conditioner when there’s ice on it. This could cause additional damage and, in some cases, the catalyst necessary to destroy the compressor. Replacing a compressor isn’t a cheap repair job.


Sometimes hoses crack and start to leak. If this happens, you need to call for repairs to make sure that’s the only issue. Also, if you didn’t have professional air-conditioning installation in Douglasville, this has a huge impact on how well your A/C unit works. Leaks and other issues are quite common when the wrong people install or repair heating and cooling units. Water leaks aren’t something you want to mess around with, and while the majority aren’t major repairs, some are. You want to get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

If you’re concerned about your air conditioner’s performance, contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, your affordable, local air-conditioning company in Douglasville, for immediate HVAC service.