Signs You Need an Emergency HVAC Repair Company

You expect your air conditioner to work reliably through the spring and summer and the occasional warm day in the fall. All it takes for upkeep is to replace your air filters now and then, right? Actually, this is very wrong. There are a few emergency problems that can arise, which is why you need to have the contact information for emergency servicing of your HVAC in Villa Rica. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning disasters can leave you in the heat, unable to sleep or work safely. These are 4 signs you should have the contact information of an emergency repair company on-hand.

1. Inconsistent Temperatures

Do you have a “hot room” in your house or office for no apparent reason? Some rooms can be a tad warmer if they have direct sunlight in them, but your air conditioner should work to correct this inconsistency. If you have a weak airflow, this may be the reason. Your air conditioner is failing to work up to the demand and may actually give out soon.

2. Opposite Effects

Turning on your AC only to feel hot air come out of your vents or feeling your furnace produce more unhelpful cold air can feel very frustrating. What do you own those units for if they’re going to make things worse? This problem may actually result in an emergency. Blockage in the unit, in the ductwork, or a unit that’s simply close to failing may be the cause. Only an air conditioning professional will know for sure.

3. Unwanted Odors or Sounds

Beyond a soft whirr, your AC unit and heater should make very little noise. They certainly should never sputter or clang. These sounds hint to an enormous mechanical issue inside the unit that needs to be addressed right away. Failure to check up on this problem can result in total system failure when you least expect it. Worse, an AC unit or heater that produces a foul-smelling odor may have leaking chemicals or melted wiring going on inside. If you notice this odor, you need to turn your system off immediately to prevent a fire, then call an emergency HVAC service.

4. Failure to Launch

An unresponsive air conditioner or heater is the last thing you need. The unit still runs and your thermostat still signals to the units, grinding up high energy costs without actually producing comfortable air. This is a surefire sign that your system is in need of emergency repair. While you might be tempted to flip your breaker off and on, this quick fix doesn’t address the inner workings that are making it fail to begin with. Contact emergency HVAC in Villa Rica for immediate service.