Protect Your HVAC System from Snow and Ice

Winter brings cold temperatures and gray skies, along with snow and ice, which, as magical as they look, are dangerous, especially to your heating and air systems. It’s important to know how to protect HVAC components (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) from frigid temperatures this winter. Failure to do so can result in your losing your furnace on a cold day or your air conditioner not turning on again when the warmth of spring arrives. Here are a few ways that experts of heating and air conditioning in Douglasville recommend that you protect your systems this winter.

Clear Snow

HVAC units require good air flow to function. Image them like people or animals that need breathing room in order to survive. Suffocating a unit with snow can spell disaster. Be sure to keep at least 18 inches of clear ground around each unit. This may require you to shovel snow away and dust snow off of the unit. Otherwise, snow or ice can block the vents and prevent air flow. Remember that fallen leaves can also choke a unit.

If you must remove snow from the area around the condenser, take care not to hit or touch it. Delicate fins and coils that make up the condenser can be damaged. You should also verify that gutters and pipes are not dripping ice or cold water onto a heater or air conditioning unit.

Change Filters

Continue to change your filters regularly, including the furnace filters and indoor air vent filter. Dirty filters can block the system and force it to work harder, especially as snow and ice make the unit colder. This is especially important during the winter, when your furnace is almost always running. Changing the filters once a month is a good idea.

Hire Service Professionals

Snow and ice can also cause other problems to your HVAC system, including clogged outdoor intake pipes, frozen exhaust pipes, and more. The risk of electric shock or damage to the unit is high if you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, consider hiring a heating and air conditioning service technician to take care of this for you. It’s also a good idea to hire them inspect your furnace before the first frost. This will ensure that your furnace is ready to work during the harsh winter months and face snow and ice. Experts on heating and air conditioning in Douglasville may have other recommendations for protecting your HVAC system, like investing in an air conditioning cover.