How to Make Your Furnace Winter-Ready

Before the temperature plummets, checking that your furnace is functioning correctly can give you some time to get your heating system in order and make any needed adjustments. This article can help you rev up your furnace and ensure that it’ll keep you toasty in the colder months ahead. Turn on the thermostat, check your furnace parts, and call a professional in furnace maintenance near Hiram if something looks amiss with your furnace before the winter is in full swing.

Check the Ignition Switch

In older furnaces, you’ll need to relight the ignition switch before your furnace can turn on. Newer furnaces have electric switches that you can reset and push to turn back on after the summer months have come to an end. If you try to reset the igniter and it’s not working, make sure to contact heating repair in Hiram.

Clean Your Ducts

Over the year, your ducts can fill with dust and debris that your air conditioner and furnace will blow through your air vents. If your home sees the odd mouse or other pest visitor, the droppings can also disintegrate in your ducts and get blown through your home when your furnace kicks on. Cleaning your ducts regularly can keep you from suffering allergic reactions or having issues with your respiratory system.

Turn On the Thermostat

Checking that your thermostat is primed to regulate the temperature in your home is another initial step in getting your furnace winter ready. Turn on the thermostat and set it a few degrees warmer than the current room temperature. If your furnace doesn’t turn on after a couple minutes, you’ll know that something is off and you’ll need a heating professional to come help. A common issue is needing to replace your thermostat’s batteries.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

While you check your heating system, take the time to do a carbon monoxide detector check and replace the batteries, if needed. Because this is an often-overlooked check, do it in tandem with furnace and heating work.

Change the Air Filters

Your furnace will last much longer if you change the air filters every few months. The filters keep particles from getting into the furnace’s machinery. They also protect you from your furnace blowing these particles into the air that you breathe.

Getting Furnace Maintenance

If you find a problem with your heating system, getting it checked sooner is better than later. With our helpful and experienced technicians, you’ll have a smooth time getting furnace or air conditioning service in Hiram, which will finally give you peace of mind that your furnace will function well throughout the holidays.