New Installation

HVAC installation repair man preparing to open unit

HVAC Installation

So you’ve decided to purchase a new HVAC Unit. Congratulations! Whether you are purchasing for a new property, or you’ve decided to have a new unit installed in your home or business, Comfort Solutions wants to be your HVAC Installation Company today, and we want to stay in business with you for as long as you own your home or business. We work hard for you, our most valued customers!


Maybe you’re wondering why you should purchase a new HVAC Installation through Comfort Solutions, your #1 local HVAC Installation experts! Well, let’s explore the reasons with this train of logic. Purchasing a new HVAC unit from some Do-It-Yourself Warehouse can sometimes yield a nice deal, or at least what seems like a nice deal. They spend a lot of money on advertising, and know just where to place their supposed “deal” in order to catch your eye and make you think you’re getting a great rate! Sometimes you can get a good price. Sometimes it’s just bait-and-switch style trickery.


Sometimes these giant corporate superstores, who will probably never learn your name or answer your call directly, will lure you in with a discount on what looks like a good Heating and Air System. But the more you read, the more you discover that this Unit isn’t the right fit for your home or business. Strike one. Then you notice that there are stipulations attached to their “guaranteed” HVAC Installation services. Strike two. Then you run across some of the horror stories on 3rd party review sites for those giant, corporate HVAC Installation services. And you notice that the amount of one-star reviews outweighs any other number-star review. Strike three. They’re out. That’s when Comfort Solutions can stroll to the plate on your behalf, and knock your new HVAC Installation job out of the park! We’re proud to be a local business and serve local homes and businesses in Marietta, Hiram, Douglasville, and Villa Rica, GA.


  • We offer a 10-year warranty on all parts and labor on any new equipment with annual maintenance program.
  • Our Comfort Solutions professional service technicians are salaried employees of Comfort Solutions Heating & Air, LLC. That means there is zero incentive for them to shortcut your HVAC Installation. When you choose Comfort Solutions, you can rest assured that you will have the most thorough installation services of any local HVAC Installation Company.
  • The Total Production Value (TPV) of HVAC Installation from Comfort Solution blows away the competition. That means greater short-term and long-term bang for your buck!