How to Prepare Your AC for the Fall

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The change in season from hot, sticky summer days to cool, sweater-wearing fall afternoons often happens overnight. It’s easy to power down your air conditioning unit and forget about it, but it’s important you store it properly.

If not, you’ll need to call an air conditioning repair company in Douglasville next year when the humidity spikes and your unit isn’t working properly.


Air conditioners are a 24-7 device. Your machine’s been running non-stop for months. Some days, it’s had to work harder than others, to meet the coolant needs based on daily humidity levels. It’s vital you thoroughly clean the air conditioner before putting it away for the cooler months.

  • Brush it off
  • Rinse it off
  • Clean all coils
  • Let it air dry completely

Maintenance Check

Do a visual check of the unit. You may notice some minor dents or scratches on the external-facing parts. This is common and not a big deal. However, you also want to make a further inspection of the air grill, the fan blade, and the fan guard. If the unit is damaged beyond repair, dispose of it properly and buy a new one now. Now’s the time to replace your AC unit, as many stores will have coolant devices on heavy sales or even clearance prices.

If the unit will work for another year, you can wait until spring to call an air conditioning service in Douglasville. They’ll make the minor repairs necessary to keep you cool all season long.

Ac repair


Covering the exposed pipe of your AC unit is essential. This protects the pipe from freezing storage temperatures. It’s easy to do. Simply purchase a foam pipe cover and secure it. If you have the original packaging, you may be tempted to put your AC in a large bag and back in its box, but the experts of air conditioning in Douglasville say don’t! In the event there’s any trapped moisture in the unit, the long months in a bag or a box can cause it to become moldy and non-functional.

If you still feel led to cover the unit to protect it from absorbing any contaminants during the off season, professional air conditioning services in Douglasville recommend using a cover made of breathable material.


You want to store your AC unit in a well-ventilated space for the winter. If you have an attic or basement, this may be a good solution, especially if you run a dehumidifier to ensure consistent air quality.

You can also choose to put it in a garage, attached lean-to, or partially open storage unit. Storing your AC outside all winter long should be your last option. In the event it’s your only choice, be sure to place a piece of plywood over the top of the unit. This will protect it from the harsh elements. Weigh it down with rocks or bricks to keep it in place. Contact an air conditioning installation company in Douglasville to assess your unit in the spring.

Be sure to clean, cover, and store you air conditioning unit properly during the off season. When the hot weather comes back around, acquiring air conditioning repair in Douglasville ensures you’ll be glad you have a functioning unit ready to cool you off.