How Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans Save You Money

Imagine walking into your house after a hot summer day, only to find that the temperature inside isn’t all that different from the sweltering heat outside. Heating and cooling problems can be a headache—not just because of the uncomfortable indoor temperatures! From waiting for a service technician to worrying about the size of your HVAC repair bill or replacement, there’s nothing convenient about an HVAC emergency. 

Most people deal with heating and cooling issues when the temperatures are extremely hot or cold, and their system is working its hardest to keep up. But there’s good news: when you schedule regular preventative HVAC maintenance, you can prevent an emergency like the one above from happening to you. 

4 Ways Preventative HVAC Maintenance Plans Can Save You Money

Instead of waiting for an emergency, be proactive with your HVAC system. Scheduling regular tune-ups can prevent bigger problems down the road. Preventative maintenance plans provide peace of mind, a more efficient unit, and the potential for big savings. Here are four ways a maintenance plan could help you save. 

Lower Energy Bills

If your HVAC system isn’t running properly, it is likely working harder than necessary to keep up with your heating and cooling needs. This is especially true during the hottest and coldest months of the year. When HVAC units run inefficiently, they drive energy usage up, raising your utility bills along with it. 

Notice an uptick in your energy costs? An HVAC maintenance appointment could help you lower it. And when you’re on a preventative maintenance plan, your tune-ups are scheduled twice a year to ensure everything’s running smoothly. By saving you money on your energy bills, preventative maintenance pays for itself and then some. 

Fewer Expensive Repairs

Small problems can cause big issues in HVAC units. When dust, dirt, or debris collect in your outdoor unit, they can cause buildup or damage critical components of your unit. Regular cleaning and component checks can help you avoid bigger, more costly repairs. 

Most HVAC experts recommend two annual maintenance appointments. During each appointment, your service technician will clean your unit, which helps it run efficiently. They will also inspect your unit for any minor damage. 

By inspecting your unit regularly and fixing small issues when they arise, you can avoid emergency repair costs that can stretch into thousands of dollars. It’s always better to opt for a regular inexpensive maintenance plan than to be hit with an unexpected costly bill. 

Longer Warranty Coverage

When you purchase a new HVAC unit, it comes with a warranty. This warranty is typically good for 10+ years, and it can save you tremendous amounts of money if parts fail during that period. But did you know that your warranty requires something from you? 

Many warranties are only valid with proper care and regular maintenance. Just like a car or boat manufacturer wouldn’t replace an engine unless the owner had invested in oil changes, HVAC manufacturers will only honor warranties for units that have been maintained. 

Don’t want to think about scheduling those regular appointments? Purchasing a preventative maintenance plan will ensure that your unit receives regular care, keeping your warranty active. 

Extended Life for Your HVAC System

Most HVAC systems can run for up to 15-20 years, but this number decreases drastically without proper maintenance. A good maintenance plan will provide expert care that keeps your system running longer.

Heating and cooling systems are expensive, so you want to get as many years out of your purchase as possible. When your HVAC technician finds and repairs small issues in your unit during routine maintenance, you can prevent major parts failures that lead to costly repairs or even replace your entire air conditioning unit

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