Heating and Air Conditioning Issues? Ask These Questions before Installation

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Heating and Air Conditioning Issues? Ask These Questions before Installation

If your air conditioning isn’t working properly during this current season, you and your family are undoubtedly living in a very uncomfortable situation. Perhaps your heat system was having some problems last season and you are worried that you will experience similar problems this winter. Whatever your reasons for needing an expert HVAC Company for a new installation, there are several questions about heating and air conditioning that you need to have answered before installation.

A new HVAC unit is a pretty big investment, and you want to be sure that you are not only getting a good deal, but that you are getting the right unit for your home and having a great professional doing the installation. Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling is the HVAC Company that wants you to make the most informed decision possible, so here are a few questions to ask to ensure that you are protecting your investment.

Is the Company Bonded and Insured?
Every homeowner needs to understand the risks associated with working with a contractor or serviceman who is not licensed and bonded. Using a professional that isn’t properly licensed means that you are vulnerable to poor workmanship with no guarantee of service. You could also be vulnerable as well to the possibility of lawsuits. Always ask about a professional’s licenses, and how much they are insured for, including workers’ compensation insurance if they allow their employees to work on your home.

What Certifications Does the Company Hold?
There are several important certifications that every HVAC installation expert should hold. EPA certifications and other requirements should be held by a prospective technician. Additionally, there are many qualifications that designate a technician as highly qualified, such as a North American Technical Excellence (N.A.T.E.) certification. Learn about the certifications and standards of excellence in your area in order to choose a highly qualified technician to protect your investment in a new HVAC system.

What Type of System Will Work Best for You?
There are a lot of recent advances in technology which allow you to have a more customized and convenient experience when it comes to your HVAC system. Ductless systems, and digital and remote operated thermostats are just a few of the many options available with advanced technology.

Is the Current Ductwork Good Enough?
Ask a professional about the condition of your current ductwork, if there is any in your home. You may need to add, remove, or replace some ductwork. It is possible that all you will need is a professional cleaning of your ductwork, and not a modification.

What Rebates and Tax Incentives Are Available?
The type of government incentives and rebates available will quite possibly affect the type of system that you choose. Your local HVAC Company should have all this information for you. Checking it out for yourself, then asking your potential technician, is a great way to see if they are really on their game. Ask how energy efficiency products and incentives might affect your utility bill, and how these systems can allow for rebates. This might offer an incentive for buyers to choose these systems.

What Size HVAC Unit Is Suitable for Your Home?
This is an important question to ask any HVAC installation expert, as the size of your unit affects how efficiently your home is heated and cooled. A unit that is too small will not only fail to keep you and your family comfortable, but it will probably not last as long as an HVAC system should. A unit that is too large and cumbersome will never work right in your home. Ask your HVAC Company what fit is perfect for your home or business.

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Heating and Air Conditioning Issues? Ask These Questions before Installation