Top 5 Warning Signs That You Have a Broken Furnace

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Heater Maintenance

Top 5 Warning Signs That You Have a Broken Furnace

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Heater Maintenance for your home or business, especially in the cold winter months, is a big issue. If you are worried about Heater Maintenance, but are not sure if the problem is something that you can handle on your own, or if you are unsure whether you need to replace your unit entirely, you should know some of the warning signs to look for. Here are the top 5 warning signs that your furnace needs repair or replacement.

Increase in Heating Bills
Have you noticed a sudden increase in your heating bills this month? Give it a few months and see if it is consistent, but you may have a problem with your furnace. Quite often, a furnace seems to be working properly, and you have no indication of problem until you notice your power bills are skyrocketing. If bills are increasing over a period of a few months, despite your usage generally remaining the same, you might consider talking to an HVAC Comfort Solutions HVAC expert about the health of your Furnace.

Inconsistent Heat
Sketchy heating throughout your entire home? It may be time to go duct hunting. Problems with your ductwork can keep your home from heating consistently throughout. Although this problem might be fixed by switching to a zone control heating system, this may not be a feasible solution for you. This might be more costly than you can afford right now, and duct repair might actually do the trick. Check with your Comfort Solutions HVAC expert to see if it is possible that the ductwork in your home was poorly designed to fit your home, or poorly installed. Either way can give you inconsistent heating.

Weird Noises
Is that an elk dying? A whale mating? Maybe. But it’s probably just your rickety old Furnace deciding whether it’s going to keep your family warm today or not. Pay attention to the noises that your furnace is making. Be aware of any banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises from your Furnace. It is normal for furnaces to make a little rattling noise when you turn it on for the first time of the season. But any other time this continues, you should be aware of any irregular noises, and report them to your Comfort Solutions HVAC expert as soon as you notice them.

Age of Furnace
If maintained properly, your furnace should last between 16 and 20 years. If you have not maintained it properly over the years, then it could last about half of that time. If your unit is getting older, then you might be experiencing problems with it that cannot be explained by any other situation than age. The problem might not be any specific component, but rather with a furnace that is too old to function efficiently. Talk to a Comfort Solutions Furnace expert for some recommendations on upgraded equipment.

Other Recent Repairs
Like cars, when you repair one part of your furnace, it sometimes will not take long before you have to replace other parts. Sometimes when you find that you are repairing or replacing many consecutive parts of your heating equipment, it is only a matter of time before you have something else to replace. Soon you might have several hundred dollars in repair costs for your unit, with no real end in sight. Talking to a Comfort Solutions expert can help you figure out if replacing your unit might save you money in both the short-term and long-term situations, while garnering better performance.

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