Common HVAC Problems

technician inspecting common HVAC problems

Common HVAC Problems

When you have problems with your HVAC system, your house can get extremely uncomfortable very quickly. Here are the TOP 10 Common HVAC problems that you might experience with your system. We talk about the problems, and demonstrate how to troubleshoot each one of the problems, so that you can get your home business back to comfortable as quickly as possible.

~Please note that if you try any of these things, do so very carefully. Disconnect power if necessary. Just because these are common HVAC problems, it doesn’t mean there are easy solutions for untrained craftsmanship. And as always, if you aren’t comfortable, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Our technicians can help!~

#1 – Bad Contactors
Every HVAC unit has 3 contactors found in the compressor, condenser fan motor, and blower motor. These contactors power the entire unit. If your unit does not seem to have power going to it, check each of the contactors first.

#2 – Blown Fuses
There are many reasons that an element of your HVAC system might overheat. More often than not, it is because the motor or compressor on your unit has generated too much heat and has shut down. If you have an appropriately sized unit for your home or business, and your furnace or A/C is still overheating, talk to an HVAC expert about using different sized fuses.

Clogged Drains
Your HVAC system depends on a drain line to take excess water away from the system. If the drain lines are not cleaned regularly, like they would be during an annual maintenance inspection, then your unit will start to leak water and result in water damage.

Dirty Filters
One of the easiest things to do to save the life of your HVAC system is replacing the filters regularly. If you leave your air filters alone without replacing them, they will accumulate a massive amount of dirt and debris. This can reduce the effectiveness of your system, and blow filthy air into your home or business.

Irregular Maintenance
Your HVAC system will not run as well if you neglect to do regular maintenance. Calling a Comfort Solutions technician to come in and perform a tune-up on your system at least once per year will help you identify small issues, and give you the choice of repairing them before they become major issues.

It does not matter if a leak is large or small. Either way, it negatively affects the efficiency of your system. Identifying leaks and sealing them with caulk or HVAC tape can make your system more efficient, your home more comfortable, and your equipment last longer.

Wrong Unit Size
The size of your air conditioner or furnace should be proportionate to the size of your home. Working with an experienced and knowledgeable HVAC company is the best-first-step you can make towards getting the right system in place.

Burned Out Capacitators
Your capacitors need to run at a specific speed, consistently, to be able to function, correctly. If they burn out and stop spinning, then your unit will break down. If you are having problems with a unit that is not starting or stopping, this might be the problem.

Small Ducts
If your air ducts are too small, then you will likely experience a problem with airflow. When your unit is pushing too much air through ducts that are too small to handle that kind of flow, your unit is likely to overheat or result in a number of other common HVAC problems. Talk to your HVAC technician about fixing a possibly poor duct design.

Gas Valves
If the gas valves that turn on the gas and deliver air throughout your house begin to corrode, you will likely experience many problems, possibly even carbon monoxide being released into your home. Make sure that your gas valves are in good working condition during your annual maintenance tune-up.

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