Most Common HVAC Emergencies

Hvac 1You have to feel confident that you can depend on your HVAC systems. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components are responsible for keeping you comfortable during extreme temperature months. In the winter, you need a furnace in order to endure the freezing temperatures, so in a way, your HVAC systems also keep you safe.

Unfortunately, they break down from time to time. Sometimes, fixes are as simple as flipping your breaker on and off. Other times, a dirty filter will need to be replaced. Then there are HVAC emergencies. An emergency, or an urgent and unexpected problem that causes a component to fail, can be a serious problem during the frigid winter. You’ll need to have an HVAC company in Marietta to contact in the event of an emergency.

Common Emergencies

You should know an emergency when it occurs, especially if you’re caught off-guard during the holidays. These are some of the most common HVAC emergencies you may come across:

  • Failure of the ignition or pilot light, which is essential for converting your gas supply into usable heat
  • Breakdown due to old age, which may be expected of AC units and heaters that are over 10 years old
  • Thermostat malfunction, which prevents communication between your thermostat settings and the units themselves
  • Leaking refrigerant fluid, a preventable problem attributed to a lack of sufficient AC service in recent months
  • Electrical system failure, or a failure to turn on or operate at all that stems from a unit’s power source
  • Sensor problems, which an HVAC service company will work to prevent during an annual tune-up
  • Clogged or otherwise improper drainage, a problem that may lead to flooding if you keep an AC unit indoors.

Hvac 2Preventing Problems

There are many ways to prevent problems with your HVAC system. First, you should be sure to hire HVAC service technicians at least once a year. Most professionals recommend that you have your furnace and air conditioner inspected twice a year, once before summer and once before winter. The reason for this is you can inspect any damage to the unit that has been in use recently and prepare the unit that is about to be used on a daily basis in the coming months. Because ACs work through the summer and furnaces work through the winter, you should essentially have each unit inspected before and after several months of regular use.

If your furnace was not inspected before the winter, hire an HVAC company in Marietta to inspect it. They will work to prevent common emergencies that cause your system to fail when you need it most.