Commercial HVAC System Issues: Everything You Need to Know

Sooner or later all HVAC systems need servicing. Commercial heating and cooling systems are no exception. In fact, they tend to need HVAC service in Hiram more often because of the daily wear and tear. That’s why it’s important for building owners to recognize the signs of common HVAC problems and get service as soon as possible.

Maintenance Issues

The No. 1 problem that commercial heating and cooling systems face is lack of regular maintenance. When was the last time your building had HVAC maintenance in Hiram? Having your building’s HVAC system checked for small problems and serviced for optimal performance at least once a year is ideal. Not only does great maintenance keep your heating and cooling system energy efficient, it prevents emergency HVAC service that could cause production to cease temporarily.

Clogged Air Filters

Yes, even commercial HVAC systems have air filters, and like residential heating and cooling systems, they need to be changed regularly. The difference is that commercial systems, especially those in large buildings, tend to be larger and require different kinds of air filters. That’s why it’s best to hire an HVAC company in Hiram to make these changes. Work with your local commercial HVAC service to develop a filter changing schedule to keep your system running smoothly 24/7.

Thermostat Issues

Another problem that plagues commercial HVAC systems is thermostat issues. When thermostats stop working, it makes the system work harder to achieve optimal temperatures. In some instances, the thermostat stops working altogether and leads no heat or air conditioning. For some commercial properties, this is a minor inconvenience. For other buildings like hospitals, industrial plants, and laboratories, not having access to heating or cooling for even a short time is a major problem. While thermostat issues are common, usually they aren’t a big deal and are an inexpensive repair.

No Refrigerant

Is your cooling system not doing a good job keeping your office building cool? If everything else seems to be running well, the issue could be low Freon levels. Low refrigerant levels is a common problem for commercial HVAC in Hiram, especially if the system is older and hasn’t been topped off in quite some time. A sign that you need the Freon levels checked is when warm air comes from the vents while the AC is running, or if you notice water leaking from around the HVAC units. Have these issues checked out for any additional problems.

Airflow Problems

Commercial HVAC systems sometimes experience airflow issues. The system works but doesn’t deliver heated or cooled air to the various parts of the building. Or, the airflow is weak and sporadic. There are a number of reasons why airflow problems exist. A common reason is blocked ductwork. Over the years, ducts get clogged up from excess dirt and debris. It’s also not uncommon for rodents to build nests inside of warm, cozy ducts. Contact an HVAC company with commercial experience to check out what’s happening inside your building’s ductwork.

How to Avoid Commercial HVAC Problems

First, pay close attention to anything that seems out of the ordinary. Also, stay up to date with maintenance. Additionally, if you need something fixed or replaced, always hire professionals for repair and HVAC installation in Hiram.

If you’re experiencing problems with your building’s heating and cooling units, contact Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling in Hiram for professional, long-lasting repair, replacement, and installation services.