Best HVAC Company For New Home Builders

If you’re a home builder in the Greater Atlanta area, you need the best New Home HVAC Installation Company around. But who can you trust?

“I’ve been working with this company for some time now and I’m always pleased with the professionalism, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. This is my 1st and only choice for my heating and cooling needs.”



If you’re a respected homebuilder, you know how much more important it is to build a legacy than it is to make a quick dollar. This is especially true for reputable builders who build new homes in areas close to where they live. Your reputation is on the line with every nail, every shingle, and every 2×4 it takes to build a young family’s dream home. You make a lot of important decisions when you’re deciding on the folks you choose to work with. So why do so many general contractors choose some fly-by-night Air Conditioning company to handle the HVAC system installation for the new homes they’ve spent so much time perfecting? If the HVAC units aren’t installed correctly, or there is a problem with the airflow situation, even the most beautiful home can feel like a sauna in the Georgia summertime.


While you may or may not be able to skate by without legal problems if a new homeowner has trouble with their central heat and air, your reputation may unfortunately suffer a major setback. String enough of these setbacks together, and you’ve got yourself a real problem. Since 2009, Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling has been one of the most trusted New Home HVAC Installation companies in the entire State of Georgia. Our service area for multiple new home installs has been known to reach far beyond the normal service areas we keep, which already includes the entire Greater Atlanta area, rural West Georgia, rural Northwest Georgia, and even into other parts of the Southeastern United States.


As the top local choice for a proven new home HVAC Installation company, Comfort Solutions takes pride in providing outstanding HVAC installation services, without breaking the bank. Our technicians are skilled, driven individuals who insist on doing things the right way, regardless of any external circumstances. When you have a pressure timeline, but you can’t afford the potential backlash from working with inexperienced HVAC installers, you need someone who is:

  • Experienced – Our HVAC technicians are seasoned professionals with all the experience you need
  • Honest – Fair dealings and upright communication help maintain our honesty & integrity
  • Flexible – Our staff and technicians work hard to accommodate your schedule changes
  • Driven – We do what it takes to be your go-to New Home HVAC Installation Company
  • Licensed – You’ll never have to worry about the licensing of our HVAC technicians
  • Professional – From start to finish, you’ll experience professional conduct with Comfort Solutions
  • Proven – With hundreds of 5-star reviews all over Metro Atlanta, you can trust our techs
  • Skilled – Maybe their born with it. Maybe we develop greatness. Either way, you get the best
  • Thorough – Our multiple points of inspection will ensure your newly installed units are optimized
  • Fast – We work hard, keep moving, and go at the speed you need to finish on time
  • Certified – Every important level of certification is covered completely, and then some
  • Reliable – We pride ourselves on providing outstanding, consistent service every time you call
  • Efficient – We install high-efficiency HVAC systems with the highest levels of personal efficiency
  • Dedicated – We won’t stop until your job is done right, and your satisfaction level is at 100%
  • Affordable – Our pricing is reasonable for all new home HVAC Installation, repairs, or maintenance
  • Courteous – Our service techs and customer service reps are always pleasant and courteous
  • Insured – We cover all our bases with insurance, so your company will never be in jeopardy
  • Bonded – Rest assured you’re completely covered when you choose Comfort Solutions

When you choose Comfort Solutions Heating and Cooling, LLC as your preferred New Home HVAC Installation Company, you never have to worry about our technicians, or the level of service they will provide for you. Your reputation as a trusted new homebuilder will be protected and enhanced in every single new home you build, when you choose the professionals from Comfort Solutions. Call today, and schedule a FREE on-site estimate for the new home services you need.