What’s the Cost to Fill Your Air Conditioner’s Freon?

Hvac tech refilling Freon

Freon is an essential component of making sure that your AC cools faster and runs smoother. Time and again, your air conditioner in Douglasville, may need Freon recharging, and it’s one of the costs that you should anticipate from keeping a unit. Without Freon gas refills, your AC will fail to work correctly and will cause your unit to break down.

Unfortunately, it’s not something that you can DIY because improperly discharging old Freon gas is harmful to the environment. How do you know your unit needs recharging and how much would cost?

Signs for Recharging Freon

Some of the symptoms that could indicate the need for Freon refilling are the appearance of oily residue on your AC components, warm air blowing on a low thermostat, and inconsistent temperature readings and feel of the ambient air. If you think that the room is increasingly becoming difficult to cool down, it might be time to recharge your Freon at this point. Look for a licensed provider of air conditioning service in Douglasville, and avoid doing things on your own.

Cost of Recharging

Don’t be scared to invest in a good air conditioning system because you don’t need to recharge your unit’s or system’s freon regularly. Just keep a mental note of the performance of your air conditioning in Douglasville. One-time Freon refilling can last you many years and take note that a regular need for one in less than three years could mean that your AC might be leaking or has some other issues that you need to check. You can get a good deal for Freon top-up when you wait until the colder months to recharge.

Freon tank

Factors That Affect the Cost

Freon replacement costs can vary based on the current level of your air conditioner’s coolant as well as the size of the unit. Typically, technicians will charge you per weight unit of Freon replacement. A smaller unit will naturally cost lower to refill than a more significant system for heating and air in Douglasville, so keep this in mind when you want to fill-up your AC with Freon.

The cost will also slightly depend on the season and location. Freon technicians charge more in the city than in the suburbs. It’s also much cheaper to replace your coolant during the colder months, so you might want to replace your Freon before summer season hits. Another factor for cost is your unit’s condition. Usually, technicians will fix any damage to your AC first before refilling to prevent refrigerant leaks.

Freon refilling should not be a problem unless your AC has some leaks or other damage that you somewhat missed. Have someone maintain and repair your units before getting a Freon refill and always ask your technicians if this is something they do before recharging your unit.