Signs That Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

hvac system maintenanceEnsuring a dryer is unclogged is critical to preventing disastrous dryer fires, costly appliance repairs, and increased utility bills from excessive drying times. And while you might think identifying a plugged-up dryer vent would be obvious, it’s not always easy to tell when your vent needs cleaning. Here are four signs that it’s time to hire a Marietta AC maintenance company to inspect your dryer vent.

A Dryer That Doesn’t Dry

If you’ve had your dryer for a while, then you know what to expect when it comes to drying times. So, if you suddenly realize that your typical 40-minute cycle now leaves your clothes damp or musty smelling and you need to re-run your load one or more times, it could mean that your dryer vent is obstructed. To regain optimal performance of your dryer, improving the airflow is critical, so be sure to check for a clog.

Lint Leaks

While the dryer’s lint trap should be checked and emptied before each use, sometimes people forget to do this simple step, which can cause link to accumulate in the vent. And even if you clean the screen every time you use the dryer, excessive lint and debris can still build up in the vent. To check for signs of accumulated lint, look at the back of the dryer where the vent connects and also around your outside vent.

air conditioning repair mariettaYou’re Getting Hotter

A dryer is designed to divert the heat and moisture created from its operation outside of your home. If you notice that your laundry area is getting particularly hot while the dryer is running, that could signal a backup in your vent. To identify if you have a clog, watch for temperature increases when the dryer is on and test the system by placing your hand on the dryer. Even at the end of the cycle, it shouldn’t be very hot.

Unpleasant Odors

When a dryer operates properly and efficiently, you shouldn’t smell anything except the scent of any laundry products you use. If you start to notice a burning smell while your dryer is running, you could have an obstruction in the vent. Be sure to turn off the dryer right away to prevent the risk of a fire and don’t use it again until the system is serviced.

Proper airflow is essential to a dryer performance and safety. That’s why it’s important to check for dryer vent clogs regularly. For help, contact a company that specializes in heating systems and AC in Marietta.